Ingame Chosen.

The Chosen is a group of elite cultists associated with the Project at Eden's Gate led by Jacob Seed in Far Cry 5. They act as the cult's elite enforcers, better equipped compared to the basic cultist, and able to conduct air attacks against the Resistance.

Description Edit

The Chosen members are tasked with hunting down or kidnapping enemies of the Project. They train cultists for combat. Their uniform is a grey jacket with a distinguishable red ski mask.

Equipment Edit

Their equipment and armaments vary to the compound bow to a propeller driven aircraft armed with machine guns. The Chosen member is equipped with the AR-C or the Compound Bow.

Tactics Edit

As Infantry unit they usually act as Assault or Sniper like in the past games. They may have a bow but they do not utilize stealth as much as the Hunter in Far Cry 4. They can also fly airplanes to conduct aerial combat which will be very dangerous if you are on the ground because they can quickly take you down with intermittent machine gun running and bombing if you are not careful enough. So it is highly recommended to get a RAT4 guided rocket launcher to deal with them. In case you don't have it, it is also reasonable to deal with them to aim for the cockpit with usual infantry weapons. If you use fixed heavy weapons you may get bombed to instant death.