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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

The Compound is the walled-off barracks for Hoyt Volker and his army of bloodthirsty mercenaries, also known as the Privateers. It is located on the Southern Island, which itself is "owned" by Hoyt Volker.

The Compound

After Jason Brody killed a lone recruit named Foster and stole his uniform, Jason Brody (with the help of undercover CIA operative Sam Becker) uncovered evidence of traitors within Hoyt's organization, plotting to steal from Hoyt and used this to his advantage to gain Hoyt's trust. Brody went to the compound and met Hoyt in his office, presenting him the evidence. Impressed, Hoyt had a small conversation with "Foster" and instructed him to go to the basement and torture a prisoner, who is revealed to be Riley Brody, Jason's brother. After reluctantly torturing him, Hoyt congratulates Jason and Sam on the job and invites them to play poker with him. They accept. While Hoyt is at his compound, Jason and Sam cause chaos in Hoyt's organization by destroying Hoyt's communications centre and blowing up his fuel depot. Later, while the three play poker, Hoyt kills Sam and declares he knew all along they were traitors. After Hoyt cuts Jason's ring finger, Jason enters a dreamy state and kills Hoyt and some of his bodyguards. Jason then barely escapes from the compound and makes it to the airport where Riley is being held, while killing a lot of Hoyt's men. The two brothers manage to escape from the Southern Island with one of Hoyt's helicopters.

After the events of Far Cry 3

Nothing will really change after the end of the game. The Compound will still be accessible but also still be used as a spawn point for Privateers (mainly Privateer Assaulters and Privateer Defenders), even after Jason liberates the entire Southern Island and after Hoyt's death. The only inaccessible part of the compound is the door that leads to Hoyt's office.


  • It's not possible for the player to fly into the Compound with the wingsuit, instead, the player is pushed up in the air.
  • On a rare occasion, a group of Privateers can be seen talking to a couple of Pirates.
  • As with Citra's Temple, any loot left inside Hoyt's mansion will not be accessible.
  • At the bar located inside the compound, there is a glitch in which you open the door, the privateers will be acting as if you were one of them. There is a throwing knife game around the back but cannot be played. Weapons can be used but it won't hurt the privateers.