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The Himalayas is a location in Far Cry 4. It is the more mountainous part of Kyrat. It is home to harsh snow conditions and high altitudes, both of which are troublesome for Ajay. Many missions to the Himalayas also require use of an oxygen mask in order to prevent suffocation by Ajay in the thin air of the mountains. Enemies in this area are almost always wearing snow clothing, and the animals mostly include only eagles, Himalayan brown bears, snow leopards, sambars, and wolves.


  • The only way to access The Himalayas are through missions. However, the Valley of the Yetis DLC also takes place somewhere in the Himalayan mountains.
  • Curiously, despite the realistic nature of the oxygen masks, Ajay is able to swim in freezing cold water, and withstand the cold climates with no extra clothes on.
  • There are also wild animals roaming the region, despite 8000m being far too harsh and desolate of a climate to support such wildlife.
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