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The Lesson is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River at the Hope County Jail. This mission unlocks after the player's resistance bar is full.


  • Go to the prison
  • Get inside the prison
  • Secure the area
  • Talk to Tracey
  • Find the key
  • Free Tracey
  • Confront Faith


Once again The Junior Deputy has fallen prey to the affects of Bliss. This mission starts with a vision of Faith, Virgil and the Marshal, where the Marshal, under Faith’s control, kills Virgil and opens the jail’s gates before killing himself. The player will wake up in front of the jail while Tracey is screaming for 'Rook' and stating that the Sheriff and others have been taken by the cultists and the jail invaded.

Players will first need to get inside the prison. Get to the back of the jail from the left side (looking at it) and look for a grapple point. Use a grapple to reach the roof. Watch for snipers and take them out and head for the marked vent waypoint. Crawl through the vent. It will come out near a cultist on the upper floor. Take him down and secure the rest of the area. Tracy is behind bars and one of the cultists has the key. Check the corpses for the key. After finding it, unlock the cell door and release Tracey.

Tracey runs to Virgil's room only to find him and Burke dead. Tracey is pissed and wants Faith confronted and killed. While the deputy looks for Faith, she can be heard humming in the background. Head outside and the screen turns white. Paradise Lost will automatically start.