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The Medusa's Call
Mission information
Faction Pirates
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward Unknown
Start Unknown
End The Medusa
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The Medusa's Call is a story mission in Far Cry 3 requiring Jason to slip aboard the beached vessel Medusa to access the pirates' communications network.

Jason must covertly kill three radio operators, acquire their intel, go to the Medusa's control room, and eliminate reinforcements who arrive after the Medusa's alarm is triggered. After killing them, Jason is called by Dennis. Dennis tells Jason to go to Amanaki Village as the Rakyat need Jason's help. The mission ends after the phone call.

In the control room, Jason listens to two pirates talking on the radio and learns that Vaas is recording ransom tapes of Jason's friends at a place called "P.C." It is assumed that Jason's friends and brother are being held there. Jason also learns that after the pirates extort ransom money from his friends' and his parents, the pirates plan to sell his friends and brother into slavery.


  • Minimal detection during the beginning of the mission will not result in the player failing, but if the detection meter is flashing for a prolonged period of the time, the player will fail. When both radio operators are killed, stealth is no longer required. Using silenced weapons and Takedowns all the while crouching makes it easier to avoid detection.
  • Use of the bow and takedowns are incredibly helpful for this mission and should be used extensively as possible.


The Medusa's Call - Master Difficulty - Video Guide

The Medusa's Call - Master Difficulty - Video Guide


  • The Medusa is a large, beached vessel that appears to have been shipwrecked.
  • This missions marks the first appearance of body armor in the game, Jason picks it up in the ships wrecked control room.
  • The Medusa is a reference to the first Far Cry game,  Jack Carver's boat was named: "Medusa"