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The Scattered Flock is a Story mission in Far Cry 5.

In-game description

"The more the Resistance grows, the harder the cult cracks down on their activity. Help Pastor Jerome by locating and liberating civilian hostages."


Once they resolve the matter of the cult's retaliation against the Resistance, the Deputy is contacted by Paster Jerome over the radio and congratulated on their progress helping the Resistance, though opines that more can be done to help and advises they rescue the citizens being held captive by Eden's Gate all across Holland Valley.

Either through directly opposing the cult or attacking isolated incidents, the Deputy is able to free up enough scared civilians to give the Resistance a major boost, resulting in another call from Jeffries who muses that in time, they will be able to push back against John Seed and rescue Deputy Hudson from his charismatic torture.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hostages can be found & rescued while free-roaming, completing side missions, or even continuing the story campaign in Holland Valley.
  • There are several landmark locations where captured civilians can be found, including Harris Residence and the Reservoir Construction Yard.
  • One key way to spot a potential hostage out in the world when not near landmarks is to look for one of several indicators over their head, which denotes them as an informant for either a Story Mission, Prepper Stash, or Cult Outpost.
  • Use stealth when handling any hostage situation as a dead citizen equals a failed mission. Additionally, avoid using any weapon related to fire and/or explosives, like grenades, molotovs, flamethrowers, special arrows, etc., as the flames and/or explosion could inadvertently kill the hostages as well.
  • This mission will automatically complete after Paster Jerome contacts the player if you already have rescued the required number of hostages before the mission is given.