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Thurston Town with the main businesses present


A residential street in Thurston Town at night

“Thurston Town is a Privateer stronghold. Late at night when Hoyt's mercs feel lonely you might be able to hear them listening to dubstep on their boom boxes. Because only bad guys listen to dubstep.”
Survival Guide

Thurston Town, or Thurston, is a town located on the Rook Islands' Southern Island. It is a major settlement located on the northeastern coast of the island. The town is actually located on a small island which is connected to the mainland by three bridges.

It features a number of urban buildings as well as large apartment complex-type structures. Thurston has more urban buildings than any other settlement in the Rook Islands. It also hosts a number of local businesses and a large number of Privateers who do not attack Jason Brody. Thurston seems to be thriving as a result of the Privateer population who serve as customers for the local businesses. One of the most notable landmarks is a run-down hotel used by Privateers as accommodation.

Thurston is located in the Harmanse Field of the Southern Island.


  • Thurston is the only settlement in Far Cry 3 that is controlled by enemy characters.