Timber is a mutated dog and Fangs for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn.


Timber is a stray dog who wandered Hope County, living his best life, until he was caught by the Highwaymen and sent to their makeshift butcher shop. Still, Timber didn't go down without a fight. Timber mauled three Highwaymen before getting caught.

Far Cry New Dawn

The Security Captain rescues Timber and his captive dog friends from the Highwaymen's butcher shop. Thankful for the rescue, Timber becomes the Captain's Fang for hire.

Breed And Age

Timber shows a striking resemblance to the Akita inu, more specifically a Japanese Akita inu. As for his age, he seems to be between 6-10 years old.


  • Notes have described Timber to be a “Really (Expletive) smart Dog”.
  • Timber has a sense of morality, barking at the player if they attack a friendly.
  • Radiation is the most probable reason for the strength and intelligence of Timber.
  • Like Boomer, Timber will steal weapons from enemies and bring them to you.
  • Timber is the only Fang for hire who is able to enter a vehicle.