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This is a provisional timeline of events that have occurred within the Far Cry universe. All events listed within this article are considered to be canon by in-game sources. It may be worth considering some events take place in parallel or alternate timelines and universes to account for many of the contradictory elements.

c.10,000 BCE[]

  • Three tribes, the Wenja, Udam, and Izila settle in the region of present-day Central Europe known as Oros, sparking conflict (Tribal War in Oros) for resources and territory. The events of Far Cry Primal occur, culminating in the Udam, the last Neanderthals, going extinct soon after.

500 BCE[]

15th century[]

  • In the 15th century, the Chinese navigator and explorer Zheng He passed by the Rook Islands during a voyage to map the oceans. It was an ideal location for one of Zheng He's most trusted soldiers, Lin Cong. After Zheng He left the isles, Lin Cong stole one of Zheng He's colossal treasure ships named "the Chaoyang" (containing massive amounts of gold and treasure that were collected during Zheng He's many ocean voyages).
  • Lin Cong and his Chinese invaders ruled over Rook Islands where the natives suffered under their tyrannical reign.
  • Rook Islands were free from them when the Rakyat rebelled and a vengeful Zheng He returned to stop Lin Cong treachery. Lin Cong died and his faction was destroyed.
  • The Silver Dragon was buried with Lin Cong body in his entrapped and dragon-infested tomb.


  • Death of Christopher Colombus, but the Taíno-Spanish War he started at Cuba and Yara raged on.


  • Taíno-Spanish War escalated beyond Hispaniola, Cuba, Yara, spreading across the Caribbeans especially in Puerto Rico.


  • Death of Yaran Taíno chief Apito Bara, resulted in genocide against Yaran Taíno natives by Spanish invaders.
  • Entire surviving native Yaran Taíno population left the island to join other Taíno elsewhere, forcing Spanish invaders in Yara to import African slaves.
  • Influx of Taíno from Yara further fueled Taíno resistance against Spanish invaders in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.


  • Taíno-Spanish War ended by several plagues and 3 hurricanes in a row forcing both sides to stop.


  • Spanish invaders set free captured Taíno natives, prohibited enslaving them and switched to mass importing African slaves instead.
  • Taíno resistance finally ceased, as violence mostly were done in the name of freeing fellow Taíno natives from slavery. This is the first time Yara experienced peace.
  • Taíno natives permanently left Yara however.


  • The only walkable path to Valley of the Yetis was destroyed, preventing the Yeti from spreading elsewhere while local peple still can travel and even settle in the valley.


  • The Shanath Arena is built in Southern Kyrat.
  • British Empire crushed French and Dutch Navy at the eastern coast of India, enabling them to invade Bihar and therefore Kyrat.




  • British Empire crushed Maratha resistance, freeing up their forces in Patna to cross Bihar border, where they invade and colonize Kyrat.
  • Lieutenant Robert F. Barclay of the British Army set sail to Kyrat, likely the same river route to Patna and Bihar border that Ajay went centuries later.
  • Gurkhas in both Nepal and Kyrat received trainings from British.


  • Thangka portraying Kalinag journey to Shangri-La mentioned and recorded in English for the first time.
  • Robert Barclay left behind Lost Letters.
  • British anti-deserter units sought to punish Robert Barclay and Guru Kabir.


  • Offering money and arms in exchange for the use of their army, the British attempt an invasion of India with Kyrati soldiers on the front lines. When this fails, the Kyrati people turn on the monarchy that sold them out to a foreign power. (according to Divya Kandala)
  • While the British and their Kyrati vanguards failed elsewhere in India, the final Siege of Bharatpur still ended in British victory.



  • KEO founded by British East India Company.
  • Montana territory founded in the wake of massive gold rush.
  • Hope County first settlement established.


  • Fall's End founded in Hope County, Montana territory.
  • US Civil War ended.


  • Last slave revolt in Yara.



  • Yara became officially independent from Spain.

Early 1940s[]


FC5 clutch memorial

Clutch Nixon memorial plaque






















  • Nasreen Davar is born in Gorno-Badakhshan, Soviet Tajikistan.
  • Josip Idromeno began his mandatory service as paratrooper in Yugoslav People's Army.
  • Sabal is born in Kyrat.
  • Remnants of Viet Cong fought one last time in Third Indochina War.












  • Flora Guillen and several Cubans fought on for Angola in the wake of Cuba military withdrawal.
  • Riley Brody is born in Los Angeles California.
  • Jess Black is born in the United States of America.
  • Lock Project ended at some point before Soviet Union dissolution.
  • Soviet Union stopped sending depleted Uranium to Yara.
  • KGB disbanded, although their remnants held on to the old name in Belarus, Transnistria, South Ossetia.
  • Juan Cortez kept contact with KGB remnants.
  • Russia emerged after Soviet Union dissolution.





  • Kosovo Liberation Army founded and Josip Idromeno joined later on.
  • Amita parents tried to get rid of her by marrying her off.



  • Josip Idromeno fought in Kosovo War.
  • The triad gang of Pagan Min and Yuma Lau are no longer wanted by Royal Hong Kong Police Force as they ceased to exist and British officers left.


  • Flora Guillen became a captain in Angolan Armed Force, only to be hospitalized from fighting against UNITA.



  • With Northern Alliance dissolved, somehow Nasreen Davar was arrested but escaped US rendition to Kuwait.


  • Flora Guillen retired after Angolan Civil War ended, only to become mercenary later on.
  • The long defunct KEO was revived by a desperate Pagan Min regime trying to save the gold export dependent Kyrat economy.
  • Hurk Drubman, Jr. ran away from home at the age of 30.



  • Andre Hyppolite escaped thanks to the 2004 Haitian coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


  • At some point before the end of 2007, Andre Hyppolite refused to assassinate the exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in South Africa and went to UAC instead.
  • Yolanda Rodríguez died from breast cancer.

Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:


  • Josip Idromeno 17 years of being stateless ended, as Kosovo declared independence on 17 February 2008.
  • The president of UAC was assassinated on May 7th, 2008, triggering the second civil war in UAC.
  • Between September 17 and October 30, a series of 17 tapes were recorded between The Jackal and Reuben Oluwagembi on the subject of the Jackal's motives.
  • Sometime in the latter half of 2008, the events of Far Cry 2 take place.
  • Antón Castillo was diagnosed with acute leukemia.
  • María Marquessa urged Antón to have a son so that his policies and Castillo dynasty can continue.
  • Diego Castillo was born in Yara.


  • Tisha graduated from high school and became US Army combat medic, unfairly discharged after 4 tours of duty.
  • Dutch grandson Ricky Rooservelt is born.

Late 2010’s[]

Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:


  • Four people, Leonard, Mikhail, Callum, and Tisha get scammed out of their money by Vaas' pirates while working to redeem themselves on a cruise ship. They soon turned against the pirates. The events of Far Cry 3 co-op take place.
  • Six months later, a group of young adults parachute onto the Rook Islands by mistake and many get captured. Jason Brody helps the locals lead a revolution against Vaas' Pirates, free his friends, and deal with a slave trader named Hoyt Volker. The events of Far Cry 3 (including all DLC missions) take place.


Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:


Alternate universe or non-canon events:

  • Carmina Rye is born the same day or few days before the Collapse.
  • A group of police officers attempt to arrest Project at Eden's Gate leader Joseph Seed, they either spared him and left early, or actually arrested him and got overwhelmed by his cult. In the latter case, after most are captured, The Junior Deputy helps the locals lead The Resistance against the doomsday cult and take back Hope County. The events of Far Cry 5 take place.
  • After the 'Resist' ending of Far Cry 5, the world suffers a nuclear war, known to some as the Collapse (however, with the release of Far Cry 6 which apparently takes places in a contemporary setting, the Collapse might prove to be an alternative timeline, no longer followed by the next game.[1])
  • In two other endings where they do not arrest Joseph at the beginning or at the end, it's unclear what exactly happened.
  • In Guy Marvel's epic sci-fi film, Nick Rye and Hurk get sent to Mars to deal with the threat of an invasion. The events of Far Cry 5's first DLC Lost On Mars take place.
  • Santos Espinosa died due to natural causes.


  • Antón Castillo is elected as El Presidente of Yara, promising to "Rebuild Paradise."


  • On Diego's 13th birthday, he and Antón went on a hunting trip. Along the way, Antón told him the stories of Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed, especially about their childhood, their rises, their flaws and their downfalls. Through the stories, Antón taught Diego about the danger of chaos, the importance of family, and the power of faith.
  • Dani Rojas has a conversation with their friends Lita Torres and Alejo Ruiz on the rooftops of Esperanza. A blackout takes place as Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa soldiers pour into the city block. Alejo insults Antón Castillo and throws a can at a soldier, resulting in said soldier murdering him. Dani and Lita escape to a boat heading out of the country. A young boy attempts to board but is denied until Dani vouches for him. Before the ship can sail off, Antón catches it in an attempt to retrieve his son, Diego; the young boy attempting to flee. Antón then orders his soldiers to execute everybody else on the ship. Dani just barely survives, and wakes up to Lita dying on the beach. She gives Dani her phone and asks them to seek out the revolutionary group she was affiliated with, Libertad. Dani obliges to honor their fallen friends. The events of Far Cry 6 take place during October.


Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:

  • Three months after leaving Yara, Dani Rojas rests on the beach of Miami beach and listen to the radio, with a news broadcast about Antón claiming his special forces killed Clara Garcia and that "war has ended in Yara." Whether that is true or not is left unverified due to Castillo regime tight censorship.


Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:

  • In the 'Resist' ending of Far Cry 5, the world suffered a nuclear war known as the Collapse. 17 years after the nuclear war the Highwaymen terrorize the citizens of Prosperity. The locals and the remnants of Project at Eden’s Gate, New Eden, fight back against the Highwaymen’s leaders, Mickey and Lou. The events of Far Cry New Dawn take place.



Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events:


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