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King Min and Governor De Pleur have been rebuilding this village to raise it to northern standards following the tyranny of the Golden Path. While so much work remains to undo the damage of their tyranny, Tirtha is fast becoming a beacon of an ideal Kyrati village.
King Min's Kyrat
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Tirtha is a village located in Southern Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It is home to a shop, as well as a Golden Path Safehouse. Upon completion of The Mouth of Madness, the player can also undertake a hostage rescue and two hunting missions here. Tirtha is a free-fire zone, meaning that Ajay cannot equip any weapons while in and around it. Ajay can talk with some of the residents around the village.

Upon completion of the campaign, if Amita was selected to lead the Golden Path, a secret scene will play the next time the player visits Tirtha. As Ajay walks in, Amita reveals her true intentions of forcing the people to join the Golden Path and conscript every child in the village to work on the drug fields and fight the holdouts of the Royal Army, effectively turning Kyrat into a totalitarian drug estate. Amita remarks that they have to obey her and accept their new working condition, or else she will have them shot.

Ajay, visibly shaken for what Amita is doing, asks her why she is doing this. Amita tells him that she is doing what she feels best for her country, and as she walks away, Ajay rather angrily asks her what Bhadra has to say about this. Amita tells him that Bhadra is not coming back, and that she doesn't care about her opinion, subtly implying that Bhadra is dead or in exile. As Amita walks away, Ajay has one final choice; kill her or let her live.

If Ajay decides to kill Amita, NPCs in-game will take note of this and consider Sabal to be the Golden Path leader, even if Ajay also decided to kill him; they will also be apparently unaware of the fact that Ajay killed Amita.


  • There the player can find a note and a messy guardhouse.
  • One of the NPCs in Tirtha tells Ajay that Yuma and her entourage were there one day, and that she left behind the "strongest scent of lilies", possibly due to her hallucinogenics.


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