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“Records indicate that Tisha was raised in Nevada by a binge-drinking mother and an absent father. She joined the army as a combat medic after high school. In the field, she was respected for her aggressive and focused personality. After four tours overseas, a commanding officer with a grudge pulled some strings to get her booted from the army. Now she prefers combat to healing.”
Survival Guide

Tisha is a playable co-op character in Far Cry 3.

She once served in the United States Army as a combat medic. However, after rejecting the advances of an influential officer, she was discharged from duty. Seeking a new path in life she took a job on the Astrid as the ship's medical officer. She may have been drawn to the Rook Islands due to the lawless and remote nature of the archipelago.


  • Tisha was voiced and motion captured by American actress / singer Alana Maria.