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Tracey Lader is a character and a vital member of The Cougars in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5

Tracey was one of the locals who joined the Cult only to find out that what seemed to be a worthy cause from the outside was quite the opposite from the inside. The Cult deemed that she was a risk so she was selected for "re-education", but she left the Cult instead and became a member of the Hope County Cougars in Far Cry 5. Tracey acts very surly to The Junior Deputy when they initially met and expects them to pull their weight for the Cougars' cause. However, as the Deputy began to make a difference in their region, Tracey came to respect the Deputy. She is also unenthusiastic about Virgil Minkler's enthusiasm for team spirit but despite their bickering, she mourned Virgil's death, revealing she was very fond of him.

Tracey was a good friend with Rachel Jessop before she gave in to the cult.

Where It All Began

Main Article: Where It All Began

Tracey will appear under the control of Joseph Seed via Bliss during Where It All Began.

Far Cry New Dawn

Tracey's fate after the nuclear holocaust is unknown, but she has survived the Collapse and left a series of notes behind, reminscing the old world, and a shoebox that belonged to her can be found in the game. She seems to have become disillusioned with her life in Hope County and seeks to leave it so she can find a better life for herself.


  • Like Virgil Minkler, Tracey's name went through several revisions. Her surname was West and Leder and her first name was Traci before being settled on the final Tracey Lader.[1]
  • According to a note at Photograph near Fall's End (The Chop Shop) outpost, she says that the town was protecting everyone except her. That implies that Tracey might have been unpopular in Fall's End and maybe even in Holland Valley. Perhaps it was because she was in the Project at Eden's Gate cult for a few days before defecting.
  • According to a note at Mckinley Dam (near Joseph's Sanctuary) Tracey is leaving Hope County to live 'blissfully alone', distilling some bitterness. The site of the note is intended to be one of the last to be found, after 'Journey To The North Mission'.


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