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Trial of the Rakyat is a series of trials you can participate in and complete in Far Cry 3. In return, you gain XP or money depending on how well you do.

See the Challenges of the Rakyat.

Hide and Seek:

This is almost definitely the first trial you'll do. It is quite simple, too. You are equipped with infinite medicine, and a 6P9 with a suppressor and infinite ammo. You also of course have your knife. You start at the trial stone, and there are 2 normal pirates that you can see immediately. If you have the chain takedown, or knife throw takedown, you can take them both out without being seen. More enemies should be nearby, so you might want to take cover. Headshots are king, because they dispatch of your enemies quickly and get you bonus points. Take advantage of your area, and think about hiding behind the Trial Stone.


  • Since you can teleport to each of the Trials, you can access the Second Island long before it is open to you in game.