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Damage Low — High (depending on how many pellets connect)
Magazine Size 12+60 (Shotgun Bandolier does not add more)
Price 35 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 8 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 8 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond Diamonds
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The USAS-12 is a primary weapon in Far Cry 2.


The USAS-12 is a 12-gauge automatic shotgun produced by Daewoo Precision Industries in South Korea.


The USAS is obtained by completing the third convoy mission in Act 2. No enemies ever wield it.

The player's second-best buddy will leave a used USAS in the safe house during the PetroSahel mission to get some tanker-truck routes for the Scrap Salvage mission in Act 1.


The USAS-12's biggest advantage over other shotguns is its full-auto capability, which can simply devastate enemies at close range. Another advantage is the replaceable drum magazine instead of a shotgun-type tube magazine. This will greatly reduce the reload time compared to other shotguns, especially if the magazine is completely depleted.

The USAS-12 is extremely useful for aggressive players that prefer to rush the enemy head-on and quickly dart between targets. Its automatic fire allows the player to quickly wipe out a small group, then run to the next one before the other enemies can react. It is also a good weapon to fend off a swarm of assailants if one is cornered.

Despite its pros, the pellet spread makes it difficult to use past short range. In addition, it has very high recoil, particularly when firing from the hip. Buying an accuracy upgrade can partially offset this drawback.

The USAS-12 rusts up quickly, making it a bad choice for long trips; the reliability upgrade does not help much. Whenever there is a chance, take a new one from an armoury. Regardless of its shortcomings, nothing else can quickly shred enemies at close quarters like the USAS-12.


When the Reliability Upgrade is bought the USAS-12 will start to jam somewhere between the 145th shot and the 215th shot and eventually will break on the 300th shot (four full bandoliers х 72 rounds + 1 full magazine х 12 rounds).


The USAS-12 has high muzzle climb meaning every 3 shots can be counted as a miss or a hit. Also, its high recoil with poor range makes it deadly in close-quarters but the recoil will throw the player's aim off so it's best used in corridors or cramped watchtowers.