The Udam, also known as Flesh Eaters, are an antagonistic tribe of cannibalistic Neanderthals led by their chief Ull and his commander Dah that reside in the Northern Arctic Tundra of Oros in Far Cry Primal. They are one of the main antagonists in the game, preying on and killing the Wenja tribe that Takkar belongs to. They are weaker in terms of technology and less armored than the other main antagonists, the Izila.


Udam warriors preparing to eat a fallen victim.

The Udam are barbaric and primitive cannibalistic Neanderthals who had migrated from Northern Europe into Oros. They are in conflict with the Wenja and the Izila tribes for resources and territory. Udam revere a relic called the Stone Woman, based on the Venus of Willendorf. The Udam speak the same language as the Wenja, but with a heavy accent. They are slowly becoming extinct due to the tribe's mass-affliction with "Skull Fire", a byproduct of their cultural habit of consuming fallen humans out of desperation, as well as through generations of inbreeding.

The cold and harsh Udam homeland.

From their homeland in the snowy northern mountains, holding the Big Darwa Fort as their base of operations, the Udam have become fierce killers with a taste for human flesh.[1] Dying out from disease and succumbing to the rarity of resources in the harsh, mountainous tundra, the Udam started to move away from the comfort of their ice caverns, wreaking havoc on enemy tribes. Ull, their brutal leader, declared war on those who encroached on his land and set out to find what he believes to be a better future for his people and his children. The valley of Oros, lush and populated by vast amounts of plants and animals, is where the Udam long to inhabit, but in their violent and cannibalistic ways they have provoked the Wenja and Izila into attempting to drive them out.


Being Neanderthals, the skull and face of an Udam is noticeably different from the other tribes of Oros, possessing a prominent brow ridge and being more robust. Both males and females possess a significant amount of body hair, and have a very stocky, ape-like appearance, as well as a very white skin tone. Males, however, are slightly larger and have much more body hair than their female counterparts. Much of their behavior is also very ape-like, as some Udam clubbers can be seen running on all fours towards their targets, or stomping the ground and yelling to intimidate rival tribes. The Udam thrive in colder climates, but can seemingly adapt to the warmer climate of Oros. As a result of inbreeding and cannibalism, many Udam have begun to develop a disease known as "Skull Fire", which has ravaged the population and lead to shorter life spans. The species as a whole is threatened with extinction by the virus.  


The Udam are fierce and brutish warriors, often covering their skin in blood as war paint. They will relentlessly charge at their enemies, stunning them with their clubs and chipping away at their health with poison. The Udam like to prey on the Wenja tribe in particular, as they are shown to have a habit of ruthlessly attacking and stealing from the Wenja, as well as capturing and consuming members of the tribe in an attempt to gain their strength to fight off their Skull Fire disease. They also kill mammoths in order to take their skulls for the bone trees that they use to mark their territories and scare away enemies, occasionally wearing masks and armour made of these bones to protect themselves from their foe's weapons. The Udam coat their arrows and bombs with rot fumes that poison and confuse targets to gain an advantage over their rival tribes. The Udam also use these poisonous fumes to block access to their homeland and valuables. When targeted by poison, victims slowly weaken and lose their bearings. Takkar, warrior of the Wenja, and Sayla, a gatherer, discovered an antidote to the poison,[2] rendering the Udam weak without their toxic tactics. Some Wenja also use the poison in their own equipment as the story of Far Cry Primal progresses.

An Udam Scourge, a user of poisonous bombs.

Even though the Udam despise the Wenja, they have developed a deeper hatred for the Izila fire masters, for they are more violent and more aggressive than the other two tribes, using Udam as slaves and for sacrificial purposes. Ull, chief of the Udam, has countless burns on his face from the many altercations between the two tribes.

Udam society/culture is shown to be patriarchal, since all of their warriors and hunters are shown to be males. Udam females can be found within outposts, and they will flee in fear upon encountering danger. 

Notable Members


An Udam Chieftain.

  • Chieftains - Clan members armed with two-handed clubs.
  • Scourges - Clan members armed with toxic bombs.
  • Spearmen - Clan members armed with spears.
  • Archer - Clan members armed with bows and arrows.
  • Hunters - Clan members armed with longbows and poison arrows.
  • Slingers - Clan members armed with slingshots and rocks.
  • Warriors - Clan members armed with one-handed clubs.


  • The Udam are based on the now-extinct species Homo neanderthalensis, commonly known as Neanderthals. Their extinction story is based on how the Neanderthals went extinct after the ice age,[3] but not before interbreeding with modern-day Homo sapiens.
  • The Skull Fire that the Udam suffer from is likely a prehistoric version of Kuru, a form of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy afflicting those who consume human flesh, especially the brain. Kuru symptoms include headaches, bouts of insane laughter, and trembling.[4]
  • Their appearance in the game doesn't make sense if the game takes place 10,000 years B.C as Neanderthals went extinct 40,000 years ago.
  • The Udam are similar to, and possibly based on, the Wendol, a cannibalistic tribe of cave people who worship a stone woman. They were from Michael Crichton's book Eaters of the Dead, and from its 1999 film adaptation The 13th Warrior.
  • Udam units can be recognized from a distance by the bright-red blood body paint on them, in contrast to the white of the Wenja and the blue of the Izila.
  • They are bit taller than their based species, as an average size of a Neanderthal was 5’4” (165cm) tall. Ull and Dah is a good example of this, since they are the tallest of all Udams.


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