Ull's Daughter
Ull's Daughter
Name: Unknown
Status: Alive
Height: Unknown
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: Unknown
Residence(s): Oros
Game: Far Cry Primal

Ull's Daughter (Unofficial name), is a minor character in Far Cry Primal, she, along with her brother, are the children of Ull, and part of the Udam tribe.


Ull's Daughter was born to Ull and an unknown mother, she is the eldest of Ull's children. Her background is never shown in game, however, it can be assumed that she was well taken care of, as she was the child of the tribe's leader.

Far Cry PrimalEdit

After Ull is critically injured by Takkar, Ull threatens to take his son's life with him, and Ull's Daughter is revealed to be behind him, looking at Takkar. After Ull asks Takkar to take in his children, Takkar takes both her and her brother back to the Wenja, although many disagree with Takkar's decision, they quickly warm up to both of Ull's children. After the credits it can be shown her taming a Cave Bear

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nothing is shown about her abilities in game, however, after the credits, Ull's Daughter is seen in a cave, attempting to tame a bear, which she successfully does. This implies she has the same unique Beast Master skill as Takkar.


Ull - Although rarely seen ingame, it is shown that Ull loves his daughter, and his willing to give her and her brother to Takkar to be safe, it is likely that Ull's Daughter loves him the same, and is visibly saddened by her father's passing.