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“Work to Fight. Fight to Work.”
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The UFLL is the United Front for Liberation and Labour, one of the two main factions in the civil war in the Unnamed African Country (UAC).


Addi Mbantuwe’s United Front from Liberation and Labour was primarily formed from the remains of the former Authenticity Party following the collapse of the government. Mbantuwe quickly rallied local militia and labor organizers to his cause, despite Major Tambossa’s effort to draw the nation under the flag of the Alliance for Popular Resistance (APR). Lacking any military background or experience of his own, Mbantuwe relies on stranded Bastion UK contractor Hector Voorhees for most security concerns. But Mbantuwe is always the public face of the UFLL, despite Voorhees’s increasingly involved role.


The UFLL is mainly headed by Addi Mbantuwe, and his second in command Leon Gakumba , mainly the head of the northern district of UAC. The UFLL's lieutenants are Anto Kankaras, Hector Voorhees, and Joaquin Carbonell.

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Flag of UFFL