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The United States of America (USA), otherwise known as the United States, is a country in North America, that is mentioned in most of the Far Cry games, and is featured in Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn, in Hope County, Montana.

Characters from the United States

Below here is a list of characters who are from the United States throughout the Far Cry Franchise:

Far Cry

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 5

  • All characters

Far Cry: New Dawn

  • The Security Captain
  • Thomas Rush
  • Carmina Rye
  • Nick Rye
  • Kim Rye
  • Lou
  • Mickey
  • Joseph Seed
  • Ethan Seed
  • Hurk
  • Sharky Boshaw
  • The Judge
  • Nana
  • Grace Armstrong
  • Jerome Jeffries
  • Garrett Barnes
  • Bean
  • Blade Drubman
  • Irwin Smalls
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