This is a page where I work on experimental stuff. None of this is to be considered 'official' since this is a sandbox.

Game Badges

I'm working on getting the application icons updated. Where possible, I used Steam.DB to get the exact icons.

Icons to be updated:

IconFC01 IconFC2 IconFCI IconFCIP IconFCV IconFcarcade logo

Updated icons:

Appicon fc3Appicon fc3bdAppicon fc4Appicon fcprimalAppicon fc5

Style Guide

This is a proposed "style" guide for how to format pages here on the wiki. The key word is proposed, as this is purely my own doing until I run it by an admin.


Styles would be laid out as follows:

  • Titles of media, such as Far Cry would be made italicized, with two '' so as to appear as Far Cry
  • The first instance of a link would be hot-linked to the page, while each subsequent appearance would be normal.
    • The first appearance in an info box, on the page itself (games would be linked through the section headers), and in the gallery

Section Layout

Sections would be laid out as follows:

<gallery> image.jpg|Image Caption image2.jpg|Caption </gallery>

  • Related Missions - Missions that involve the page context
  • Tips - Gameplay tips that may be useful
  • Trivia - fun facts and tidbits of information
  • See Also - Other articles that don't directly concern the page, but are related
  • References - external references and links using Template:Reflist

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

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