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  • ReverendV92

    Wiki Updates

    December 4, 2018 by ReverendV92

    I've done some changes to the Wiki today.

    • The Leaderboard Achievements have been updated. Before, a fair few of the names had empty strings. All of them have been named, and are a bit more specific on what they are.
    • Talk Pages have been replaced with Message Walls. You no longer have to manually sign & header your posts, and I don't have to do it for you any longer. You can find the talk page archive at the bottom of your Message Wall.
    • The chat function was disabled, since no one ever used it.
    • The comment function on pages has been enabled in the place of both the chat function & talk pages. Talk pages suffered from the same issue personal talk pages had, with a frequent disregard for signatures and headers. This alleviates that.
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  • ReverendV92

    So the achievements for Hours of Darkness are out, at least partially.

    The Welcome to Nam achievement also had a badge in the list yesterday morning, but it was removed a few hours later.

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  • ReverendV92

    Template Index

    May 3, 2018 by ReverendV92

    There's a number of templates already on the wiki, but they're also ancient-as-hell and don't work on the new layouts and such.

    I've been making a bunch of useful templates to improve quality and streamline workflow.

    This is a list of all the templates I've been working on:

    • Template:Icon Steam
    • Template:Icon UPlay
    • Template:Icon Xbox
    • Template:Icon Playstation

    • Template:Icon Worldwide
    • Template:Flag AU
    • Template:Flag CA
    • Template:Flag DE
    • Template:Flag EU
    • Template:Flag GB
    • Template:Flag US

    More available as needed, as the icons I used are from an open-source iconography set.

    • Template:FC5 Icon XP
    • Template:FC5 Outfit Icon Male
    • Template:FC5 Outfit Icon Female
    • Template:FC5 Silver Bars
    • Template:FC5 Vehicle Icon
    • Template:FC5 Weapon Icon

    • Template:Spoiler FC
    • Template:Spoiler FC2
    • T…

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