I've done some changes to the Wiki today.


  • The Leaderboard Achievements have been updated. Before, a fair few of the names had empty strings. All of them have been named, and are a bit more specific on what they are.
  • Talk Pages have been replaced with Message Walls. You no longer have to manually sign & header your posts, and I don't have to do it for you any longer. You can find the talk page archive at the bottom of your Message Wall.
  • The chat function was disabled, since no one ever used it.
  • The comment function on pages has been enabled in the place of both the chat function & talk pages. Talk pages suffered from the same issue personal talk pages had, with a frequent disregard for signatures and headers. This alleviates that.
  • Anonymous editing has been disabled. You can thank User:TitanWirth5 for this one.
  • The Community Corner now includes Blog Posts and News Posts. The last news post was for Far Cry 4 DLC, so you can see it was a fair bit out of date. By including both blogs and news in the feed, it won't be so hilariously dead.

I was going to change the wiki theme a bit to be more inclusive to the rest of the series, but that's a few days out, minimum since I'm currently not home.


If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc. for some other admin-level changes, run them by me either here, or in my profile messages. I'm not a brick wall, and I'm open to ideas.

Be excellent to each other.