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The Utility Truck.

The Utility Truck is a large, heavy vehicle that is part of the Fortunes Pack DLC for Far Cry 2.


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It appears to be based off an Unimog 406, with a modified open cab, rollcage, and machine gun skate. The vehicle has high elevation off the ground and large wheels, making it efficient for driving over obstacles and uneven terrain. It is also very sturdy and can withstand a large amount of small arms fire. A .50 caliber HMG is mounted on the back, which can kill enemies in one shot and destroy vehicles in a small burst; Due to the vehicle being available in Act 1, this gives the player a massive advantage from the get-go, as .50 caliber weapons are only available in Act 2 without the Fortunes Pack. The main downside of the vehicle is the comparatively slower speed than other vehicles, such as the Assault Truck.


The vehicle is available from the start as long as the Fortunes Pack is downloaded, however it only spawns at certain locations throughout the map.

It also appears in a few of the multiplayer maps that came with the Fortunes Pack. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in user-created maps without a third-party mod.

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