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2004 Valerie

Valerie as she appears in Far Cry

Valerie Constantine is an American photo journalist working for Exotic Travel Magazine. She is an outgoing, confident and rather mysterious woman, who leaves the player wondering if there is more to her life than she gives on. 

She hired Jack Carver, a boat captain retired from the Special Forces to take her to the archipelago under the guise of photographing WW2 Japanese ruins. However, she actually attempted to verify a fellow agent's status, who turns out to be Harland Doyle. While Jack was being hunted by the mercenaries, Colonel Crowe and his men managed to capture Val and were intending to interrogate her. After Jack frees her, she reveals to him the truth about her visit to the islands and her mission. She then proceeds to aid Jack by releasing Trigens to keep the security forces busy, but becomes surrounded by them. 

After being rescued by Jack, Val informs him that in order to prevent Krieger from creating any more of the mutagen they'll have to destroy the facility where it is produced. After retrieving files from Crowe, they discover the location of the facility and that Krieger has a tactical nuclear device in case he needed to cover up the research. Shortly before destroying the facility, Doyle tells the pair to take antidote to protect themselves from the mutagen. Afterwards, Jack protects Val long enough for her to arm the nuke then escape. The blast of the nuke knocks them out, and shortly afterwards they are captured by Krieger. After Jack is kicked from the helicopter, Val isn't seen again until he reaches Krieger's Volcano facility.

Val along with Jack is revealed to have been infected with the Trigen mutagen, and after Jack kills Krieger it's soon discovered Doyle was the one who infected them, the antidote actually being the mutagen. Jack takes Val to safety at the docks before confronting Doyle. When Doyle is defeated, Jack retrieves the real antidote and cures both himself and Val whilst aboard a yacht they use to escape the island. Valerie, after being cured looks to her left and sees all the data on Krieger's research, dubbed "Project Far Cry."


  • She is voiced by Adriana Anderson.
  • She is afraid of injections.

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