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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Valley of the Yetis or The Lost Valley is a location within Far Cry 4's 2015s Valley of the Yetis addon. It is located within the Himalayas near Kyrat. While following a hidden relic lead, Ajay's helicopter crashes into a mountain and his pilot is kidnapped. He is forced to capture the nearby base called the Relay Station and hold up for rescue while fighting off the local Cultists, the Disciples.


Instead of purchasing weapons from the shop, Ajay must collect them from the left behind remains of Yuma's Expedition. Skins and rare skins must also be collected from remains, although some animals can be spotted around the valley and they can be skinned as usual. Unlike the Himalayan visits in the main story, there is no temperature effect on Ajay; meaning the player can move freely around at all times.


  • There was a road leading to the Valley, but it was intentionally destroyed.
  • In the Valley there is little animal life, in comparison to what is found in the main campaign, so in order to progress, the player must find skins within chests in the map. The animals that can be found in the Valley are the bharal, wild boar, snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear, sambar, dhole and Tibetan wolf, as well as numerous birds.
  • Yetis live in the Valley, also known as "Awakened".
  • The Valley is where The Relic lives.
  • According to ancient legends, the relic was brought by followers of Yalung, after that, the Valley was cursed.