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“So where was Colby then?”

Vincent Salas is a friend of Jason and a student in Cal Tech and a mechanic. He accompanied him to the Rook Islands as confirmed in the intro sequence and the nightclub scene in the game.

He may be the friend Vaas referred to in the beginning of the game. "Do you want me to slice you open like I did your friend?", but seeing as no one ever mentions him, that cannot be confirmed. There is confusion among Far Cry 3 players as to who exactly this guy was.

When asked about who this mysterious character was, Far Cry 3 lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem stated:

"His name is Vincent Salas, and he's studying engineering at Cal Tech. He used to be in several key scenes on the island, culminating with Jason accidentally shooting him during the fight with Vaas. But the fight wasn't produced the way we originally intended due to limited time, so he was largely cut from the game. His current status is unknown."

Mission appearances Edit


  • Although Vincent Salas was cut from the game, the game still contains the texture & model files for him and he still appears in the flashback scenes. Canonically, it can perhaps be assumed that Vincent was either killed by Vaas before the opening cutscene, or didn't accompany Jason and the others to the skydiving trip at all, and thus never got involved with Rook Island. But the attached photo below proves that he joined his friends on the island.

In a 5-minute gameplay demo released by Ubisoft, "The Medusa's Call" is actually called "The Medusa's Mast" and is assigned by Willis instead of Dennis. After you activate a tower on the boat, Willis says "I can horn in on your friend Vince now." this indicates that the Medusa mission was originally about finding Vincent, but most likely got changed to Liza after he was cut from the game.