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“I'm coming for you, buddy !”
Jack Carver

Volcano is the final level of Far Cry, detailing Jack Carver's epic conclusion of the story behind Far Cry. It takes place in Dr. Krieger's Volcano Laboratory, namely the volcano itself. Two men die in this level: Doyle, Carver's guide, and Krieger, Val's arch-enemy.


  • Find Krieger in his facility
  • Kill Doyle and get the Serum


Jack Carver enters Krieger's active volcano and notices the door closes and locks behind him (by walking up to it). He enters a small weapons cache and collects some ammo and body armour. He then proceeds to another big door and enters a huge room leading to Krieger's hideout in the centre of the volcano. He gains cover at the front of the big room and battles through a huge onslaught of elite mercenaries, some with rocket launchers. Wounded in the gunfight, Jack recovers from it soon and loots another weapons cache on his way to defeat Krieger.

Jack enters the centre of the volcano and much to his surprise... Krieger has been infected by the mutagen, and is already in the late stage of Trigen metamorphosis. With an unknown weapon, possibly an SMG, Krieger shoots Carver and his body slips off of a ledge. Jack is presumed dead until the view shifts to the other side of the ledge, where Jack immediately reloads his M4A1. Jack ambushes Doctor Krieger's men and dodges until Krieger is shot to his death.

Carver watches Krieger die, then notices his guide Doyle shows up on a volumetric display. Doyle openly betrays Jack saying it is "just business". Carver promises Doyle that he (Doyle) will not leave the volcano alive, then runs to the island docks and drops off the critically ill and mutated Val. Then he runs back to the volcano and enters the elevator, saying "I'm coming for you, buddy".

Carver stocks up on weapons in a huge weapons cache. He then proceeds to the big door leading to the core of the volcano. Battling through nearly a half dozen Fat Boys and three Locusts, he finally finds the elevator to Doyle's warehouse higher up in the volcano. Jack corners Doyle by his computer at the back of the warehouse. Carver shoots Doyle, and steals the antidote. He injects his mutated arm then cures Val back at the docks. As she recovers in bed, she takes out a file titled "Project Far Cry", as they sail back home...


The extreme difficulty of the first part and last part of the level has caused somewhat strong controversy over the game. This, however, is expected of a final level. A distinct drop in frame rate also adds to the difficulty of this level.


  • Although Krieger is under normal circumstances very difficult to defeat, given his large health and abilities, he can be killed easily by shooting him in the groin.