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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Standing as one of the highest peaks in the Rook Islands is an unnamed volcano located at the coordinates X 341. 1 and Y 450. 1 on the archipalego's Southern Island. The volcano consists of a looming mountain, with an Outpost nestled in its foothills, and a smoking blackened caldera. There are two ways to the volcano's summit, a road on the southern side providing easy access and a much more difficult path on the northern side which requires some effort to scale.

The volcano itself encompasses the entire mountain and is likely dormant, due to the fact that smoke still rises from the caldera but Jason is not harmed by walking inside the caldera itself. The player does not receive fire damage as would be expected from an active volcano supporting the fact that it is a dormant or even extinct volcano. There are two broadcasting/relay towers located near the summit of the volcano as well as a house with a small amount of loot.


  • The volcano is quite likely one of the highest peaks in the Rook Islands. From the summit the player can see that is nearly equal in size to the other large mountains.
  • The broadcasting towers on near the summit of the volcano are likely actually relay towers due to a lack of any broadcasting equipment. An unnamed Rook Islander commonly spawns near the house.