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The Weapon Shop is where guns, manuals, and equipment can be purchased in Far Cry 2. It is the only place where you can spend your hard-earned diamonds.

Convoy Missions


The shop's dealer

The inventory at weapon shops can be increased by accepting missions from the dealer. Said missions—"convoy missions"—usually involve blowing up a shipment of "inferior" weapons being brought in by a competitor. Once these missions are completed, the inventory in every weapon shop is increased, unlocking up to three new weapons and allowing them to be purchased by the player. These missions are relatively easy to perform using long-ranged explosives and sniper rifles, or by using IEDs and a machine gun to ambush the targets once they hit a choke point.

There are four weapon shop missions in each of the first two acts, thus a total of eight in the game. It is important to note that whenever a separate mission is active, the weapon shop owner is "away." When no other mission is active, however, the dealer returns, and the player can then accept a convoy mission. Also, once all of the convoy missions in the area have been completed, the dealer will also be away.

Shop Layout


The shop's computer

The weapon shop is made up of two buildings, the sales building and the armoury. The sales building has a computer—the Online Weapon Shop — used for purchasing weapons, upgrades and equipment. There are also a Save Box and a Health Station mounted on the wall.

The armoury has one Ammo Pile, one fuel pile for Molotov cocktails and the LPO-50 Flamethrower, and one explosives pile for grenades, rocket launchers, and IEDs. Primary, secondary and special weapon crates are also located here, not to mention an endless supply of brand new weapons the player has purchased hanging on the walls.

If the Fortunes Pack DLC is purchased and downloaded, an additional crate containing the silenced shotgun, the Craftsman shotgun and the crossbow is added to the armoury.


  • There are hand-drawn road signs that point to each weapon shop.
  • When looking out of the weapon shop window from inside, the weather may be different through the window than when observed after exiting the building.
  • There is a bug in the game that sometimes makes it impossible to reach the highest weapons on the walls inside. The workaround is to go back outside, toggle crouch, and enter still crouched.

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