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Corporal Wendell Redler is a character found at Redler Residence in Holland Valley region in Far Cry 5. Wendell is also the protagonist in Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness expansion.


Wendell Redler is a veteran of Vietnam War, who many years ago made a pact with his Vietnam War squad members that they'd be ready for an event such as the Eden's Gate takeover, and prepared for this event by stashing weapons and supplies in a shed in Wendell's front yard.

To keep the stash safe from any one man being able to steal it all, or one of them going rogue and taking it, they etched a single digit into their Vietnam Veteran lighters, with Wendell being the one to know the proper sequence of the dozen numbers.

Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, all of Wendell's friends have dropped, one by one, until he is the last man standing.

Far Cry 5

Main Article: What They Carried

Wendell requests The Junior Deputy find his friends' lighters, and bring them back before the Project at Eden's Gate cult finds them. As a reward, he will let the Deputy have the contents of the stash, as he knows they'd get better use out of it than he would.

Hours of Darkness

During the Vietnam War, Wendell Redler was a veteran soldier and door gunner of the U.S. army. In Hours of Darkness, Wendell—a.k.a. Cowboy -- recounts one instance when he had his helicopter shot down and his unit captured behind enemy lines. During the course of the DLC, Cowboy managed to escape captivity and rescue his surviving Squad Mates, South Vietnam POWs, destroying Viet Cong bases, and killing several NVA Commanders in one single night; all the while he is maneuvering throughout the remote valley as he awaits extraction.

Far Cry New Dawn (Alternate universe, movie, or non-canon events)

In Far Cry New Dawn, the Redler residence is called Old Red's grave, which implies that he died sometime during or after the nuclear holocaust.


  • Wendell was attached to the gunship unit Python 2 during Hours of Darkness, serving as the fifth member, Python 2-5, as a door gunner.
  • Wendell is the first playable character in Far Cry 5 to have voiced lines, as The Junior Deputy has no voice lines throughout the main game.
  • Since Richard Nixon was President from 1969-1974 and US involvement in the war ended in 1973, that would make Wendell somewhere between 22 and 26 in Hours of Darkness.
  • If the player completes the DLC 100% then Wendell will have met Richard Nixon, the president of the United States during the Vietnam War.
  • None of Wendell's actual “Squad Mates” name's are on the dog tags you collect in What They Carried.
  • His story about Vietnam War is rife with historical inaccuracies, since everything were from his imagination and memories, he may have exaggerated or remembered it wrong, for he cannot remember all details after several decades.
  • It's also likely that he may not being entirely honest to The Junior Deputy while telling the story.
  • Wendell's nickname, "Cowboy," is a reference to the Vietnam War film Full Metal Jacket.