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Wheaty is a member of the Whitetail Militia, based out of the Wolf's Den in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5Edit

The World Is WeakEdit

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The Junior Deputy will first meet Wheaty after he mistakenly assume they're a corpse during the aftermath of The World Is Weak.

Gearing UpEdit

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Wheaty will delegate the task of collecting scattered Whitetail Militia gear caches that are scattered about the region in order to bring the supplies back to the Wolf's Den.

Turn the TablesEdit

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Wheaty will ask the deputy to help him find crates of Vinyl Records that he can throw onto his pirate radio station.

Where It All BeganEdit

Wheaty will appear under the control of Joseph Seed via Bliss during Where It All Began.

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  • The voice acting credits lists his name as "Whealy", but throughout the entire game he is known as "Wheaty", as his name was likely changed during development.
  • Although in the voice acting credits the name looks like "Whealy" it actually does list "Wheaty", but it's hard to tell since the "t" pixel is hard to see.
  • Wheaty is a teenager during the events of Far Cry 5


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