“The Whitetails are born free.
We will do whatever it takes to survive.
We will never leave a man behind.
We will resist, until we are free from tyranny.”

Whitetail Oath


The Whitetail Militia is a Resistance faction in Far Cry 5. It’s leader was Eli Palmer. It is based in the Whitetail Mountains, fighting Jacob Seed’s forces.

The Whitetails were once a small group of militiamen dedicated to protecting the Whitetail Mountains against any form of tyranny. However, their war against The Project at Eden's Gate has dwindled their numbers due to the Project's overwhelming force. Due to this setback, the Whitetail Militia has resorted to training any volunteers willing to take up arms against the Project. 

The Whitetail uniform is a mix of civilian/military camouflage attire. Their fighting techniques vary from guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and espionage. 

 Notable Members

The members of the Whitetail Militia include Eli Palmer, Tammy Barnes, Wheaty and The Junior Deputy and Staci Pratt, the latter two are only for a short time. 

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