The Whitetail Mountains are a region of the map in Far Cry 5. This region's herald is Jacob Seed. Here, Eli Palmer leads the Whitetail Militia. Jacob's Chosen Soldiers and the Whitetails fight brutal battles all across the region. Notable locations include the St. Francis Veterans Center and the Wolf's Den. This region is the best for hunting and fishing, as every animal in the game can be found there in plentiful quantities.



Side Missions

  1. Static Frequency
  2. Nature Provides
  3. Grand Slam
  4. Mountain Armed Convoy
  5. Tools of the Trade
  6. Gone Fishin
  7. The Admiral
  8. Flavor Country
  9. Grill Streak
  10. Call of the Wild
  11. Welcome Party
  12. Turn the Tables
  13. Shooting Gallery
  14. Mint Condition
  15. The Mooseknuckle Run (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  16. The Lord of the Wings (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  17. Quadzilla (Clutch Nixon Challenge)


Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry New Dawn, 17 years after the "Collapse" most of Whitetail Mountains were destroyed to ashes, and only a little part of the region had life returned. The dam is broken and lots water had gone out into the county. Until later in the game, the region is covered in Bliss, and is inaccessible. Joseph can be found near the dam. Known locations such as Jacob's Armory and The Veteran Center is not included in New Dawn. The region is simply known in New Dawn as "The North" and is referred to as "Up North"

Prepper Stashes

  1. Cliffhanger
  2. Gone Squatchin' (Grapple perk required)
  3. Hanger Pains
  4. The Holdouts
  5. Salvage Rights
  6. Unwelcome Guest


  • While driving around with the radio on (before delivering all the vinyl tapes to Wheaty) you will hear static when listening to Rock FM Radio. However, occasionally you can hear vague muffled audio messages. 
    • one of the messages seems to be a woman saying "someone" and "help." 
    • another message seems to be a male whispering "Someone will get me. Oh God, send help."
  • It is the smallest of all 3 regions in Far Cry New Dawn.
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