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The Worker

Workers are the workforce of Krieger's operation on the archipelago, responsible for maintenance and other mechanical duties. Despite working for Krieger and Crowe, they are not mercenaries themselves and lack combat experience.

Workers are tasked with computer maintenance, vehicle repairs, keeping the equipment in working order, and generally ensure all machinery is working. At least two workers were seen driving Utility Trucks, which suggests they are also responsible for supply shipment and transportation.

They tend to work in areas that require them, such as laboratories and main bases (the regulator being one of these). Judging from overheard conversations, it is apparent the Scientists do not think well of them, causing the workers to harbor a grudge against them. It is also revealed that they usually do not carry guns but are issued them during the Trigen outbreaks for safety, and are ordered to continue their work regardless.

Despite being armed, they are often killed by the Trigens and some unlucky workers were caught in crossfires.

Workers can be identified by their orange uniforms consisting of a jumpsuit with knee pads, a back pad, and sometimes an accompanying red cap. They are usually armed with pistols but some of them use M4s. They are neither particularly strong nor effective in combat and are not aggressive compared to most other enemies. All the same, they can still be a threat if the player is low on health.

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