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Wrath is a Story mission in Far Cry 5.

In-game description

"John has taken his plane and fled the ranch. Take to the skies and make sure he doesn't get away."


Immediately following John's failed attempt to make the Deputy atone in Fall's End, they chase him to his ranch, only for the Baptist to escape in his personal aircraft. However, they are quick to give chase in a plane of their own, with Nick Rye possibly being called in to give aid, despite his recent traumatic experience.

Together, both pilots manage to overwhelm and down the cult-developed aircraft, forcing John to ditch and parachute to the ground. The Deputy follows suit and engages in a firefight with the Baptist and what remains of his followers come to help him, with the Deputy emerging victorious.

With their foe crawling across the ground, the Deputy marches upon him to take his key to the bunker while John taunts them by claiming they still don't understand what the cult was trying to achieve, and Joseph's grand ambition. The Deputy then forcibly yanks his key from his neck, but John uttered his final words to the Deputy "May God have mercy on your soul." before passing away, ending an age of terror for the people of Holland Valley for good.

Tips & Tricks

  • Regardless of whether Wingman is started/completed before this mission starts, Nick Rye still calls in to offer help, though if it has been, the player can take him up on that offer, which leads to some dialogue between him & John during the dogfight.
  • Rather comically, after the cutscene with John's death, his body becomes a physical object in the world, i.e. one can pick him up and put him down like any other body.
  • If John jumps out of his plane, and you don't shoot him, he will find a nearby car and drive to his bunker but he doesn't enter it, however he along with the cultists are trying to kill the player. His death scene where the Deputy takes his keys will also take place there if John manage to get to his bunker.
  • If flying a plane is not your strong suit, simply carry on doing other things in Holland Valley and eventually John will crash his plane and you can pick up the quest at that point.
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