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Xander Flynn is a member of the Resistance in Far Cry 5 and Adelaide Drubman's lover. He resides at the Drubman Marina in the Henbane River region.

Xander is described as a hot young SoCal mimbo. He was on vacation at Adelaide's marina a few months ago and enchanted Adelaide. Adelaide lavished Xander with gifts and, after a while, convinced Xander to move in with her.

Xander is a young man who lives an alternative lifestyle and enjoys non-rural proclivities such as life coaching, yoga, meditation, and pretentious environmentalism. Adelaide enjoys his attractive physique which is complemented by his skills at making smoothies, but evidently driving dredgers is not one of Xander's strengths.

Despite his immature demeanor, Xander cares deeply about Adelaide, which is evidenced by the S.O.S. note he left at Hollyhock Saloon.

Far Cry 5


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Far Cry New Dawn

According to Sharky's diary that he left at Pyro's Hollow, both Adelaide and Xander survived the nuclear apocalypse. Hurk Drubman Sr., Adelaide, Xander, Hurk, and Sharky took shelter in a prepper bunker. 1095 days after the Collapse, Adelaide and Xander took the helicopter and set out on a journey to find a sex resort island near Cuba.


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