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This article appeared in Far Cry 6

Yara is a fictional country in the heart of the Caribbean and the main setting of Far Cry 6. Yara is a tropical island with a diverse environment consisting of beaches and jungles. The capital is a city known as Esperanza. The country is a dictatorship under the control of Antón Castillo.[1]

Past of Yara

Yara was once a prosperous and peaceful nation.[2] Fifty years ago, a revolution occurred, when the father of Antón Castillo was El Presidente. The revolution resulted in Antón's father being executed right before his eyes. In the fifty years that followed, Yara experienced economic decline. Eventually, Antón himself was elected El Presidente, on the promise of rebuilding Yara to the place it was fifty years ago. However, Antón cracked down on the country and anyone who dared to speak out against his methods was rounded up into forced labor.

Yara has suffered under economic sanctions for decades, leaving it stuck in the past technologically, and its people impoverished and divided. In response, Antón tightened his grip on the island.[3]


Antón and his son, Diego, began a bloody and oppressive campaign in an attempt to restore Yara to its former glory. Antón has enforced sanctions in Yara and limited trade with foreign nations, employed a personal army throughout the nation to carry out his plans and keep citizens in check, and restricted mobility within the country through controlled-checkpoints. The actions of the Castillo family sparks a revolution in Yara, led by guerrillas who oppose Antón.


  • Inspiration for Yara was taken from Cuba.[4]